Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Katie & Kevin's (Sweet) Pasadena Wedding! Pasadena Wedding Planner

Katie and Kevin had been trying to plan their wedding for almost two years, but since Kevin was in the Army and stationed in the Middle East for continuous deployments, they had to keep pushing back their wedding date. Once they were sure he was coming home by the middle of 2010, they set their wedding date and Katie called us for help. Katie wanted to make sure all details were accounted for since they had been waiting so long for this day to finally arrive. She wanted to enjoy Kevin coming home and not have to worry about all the wedding details, and understandably so!

When I met Katie, she was adorable, peppy, and full of ideas. Afterall, she had been planning this wedding for a long time! Her color palette was teal and yellow; a pretty cool choice to match her fun personality! Actually, the wedding planning process and wedding day ended up being ALL about fun (as you will see by the pictures below).

Katie and Kevin wanted to relax after their ceremony, and so they changed into jeans and t-shirts with converse tennis shoes for most of their reception. They also gave all of their bridal party t-shirts to change in to, and everyone was stoked while they rocked out to tunes from ETC Entertainment (Cory Alamedia). The photobooth and candy buffet were also lots of fun for everyone, and we finished out the evening with tray-passed cookies and milk shooters. Sweet!

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